Welcome to lost in words, where you can find private English tuition in Esher that’s focused and clear. I find two kinds of people are lost in words:

Lost in words English tuition

  • Are English and its rules a confused mess in your head?
  • Do you wish someone would explain how to write an essay without using vague phrases like ‘improve expression’ or ‘use structure’?
  • Does your English teacher see metaphors, similes and personification, while you just see Times New Roman?

Lost in Words English Tuition

  • Perhaps English makes sense to you, but you need to prepare for a scholarship exam?
  • Do you love English, but the work in class is too easy for you and you’re bored?
  • Are you trying to turn your B into an A or your A into an A*?

If either of these describe you, contact me for focused and clear private English tuition in Esher.